Optical under-sampling and reconstruction of several bandwidth-limited signals

source: © 2009 IEEE

We demonstrate experimentally an optical system for under-sampling several bandwidth-limited signals with carrier frequencies that are not known apriori and can be located anywhere within a very broad frequency region between 0–18GHz. The system is based on under-sampling asynchronously at three different sampling rates. The optical pulses required for the under-sampling are generated by a combination of an electrical comb generator and an electro-absorption optical modulator. To reduce loss and improve performance the implementation of the optical system is based on a wavelength division multiplexing technique. An accurate reconstruction of both the phase and the amplitude was obtained when two chirped signals each with a bandwidth of about 150 MHz were sampled.  [Read more…]

Alfred Feldster, Yuval P. Shapira, Moshe Horowitz, Amir Rosenthal, Shlomo Zach, and Lea Singer, “Optical Under-Sampling and Reconstruction of Several Bandwidth-Limited Signals,” J. Lightwave Technol. 27, 1027-1033 (2009)