Wideband Fiber-Interferometer Stabilization With Variable Phase

source: © 2012 IEEE Photonics Technology Letters

We report on a robust scheme for wideband variable-phase interferometer stabilization based on active modulation. In contrast to previous schemes, the correction signal is generated without using second harmonics, whose low amplitude often requires employing narrowband lock-in amplifiers. Resonances in the element modulating the phase are attenuated to enable high gain without high-frequency oscillations. Operation over a 3-kHz bandwidth is demonstrated.  [Read more…]

Fig. 2 (a) Schematic description of the analog feedback circuit. PS: phase shifter. BSF: band-stop filter. HPF: high-pass filter. FB: feedback. (b) Measured combined response of the electronic filter and optical system. The figure shows a decrease in the strength of the PZT resonance.

Amir Rosenthal , Stephan Kellnberger , George Sergiadis , Vasilis Ntziachristos,”Wideband Fiber-Interferometer Stabilization With Variable Phase,” IEEE Photonics Technology Letters ( Volume: 24 , Issue: 17 , Sept.1, 2012 )