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 Recent publication in Nature Communications, 2022 : 

image ear comparation

Y.Hazan et al. “Silicon-photonics acoustic detector for optoacustic micro-tomography”, Nature Comunication, 2022.
Link to our paper :
Link to our project :…micro-tomography/

Recent publication in Nature Communications, 2021 : 

E. Hahamovich et al. “Single pixel imaging at megahertz switching rates via cyclic Hadamard masks,” Nature Communications, 2021.
Link to our paper :
Link to our project :

About LBIS

The laboratory for biomedical imaging and sensing (LBIS), at Technion’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering, is dedicated to the development of new technologies for medical and biological applications. Research at LBIS is focused on light and sound technologies and hybrid combinations thereof. In particular, the lab develops new systems for optoacoustic imaging and interferometric detectors of ultrasound. LBIS enjoys the support of the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute (RBNI), the Network Biology Research Laboratories (NBR), and the Vision and Image Sciences Laboratory (VISL).

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