Single pixel imaging at megahertz switching rates via cyclic Hadamard masks.


2021 nature communications

Optical imaging is commonly performed with either a camera and wide-field illumination or with a single detector and a scanning collimated beam; unfortunately, these options do not exist at all wavelengths. Single-pixel imaging offers an alternative that can be performed with a single detector and wide-field illumination, potentially enabling imaging applications in which the detection and illumination technologies are immature. However, single-pixel imaging currently suffers from low imaging rates owing to its reliance on configurable spatial light modulators, generally limited to 22 kHz rates. We develop an approach for rapid single-pixel imaging which relies on cyclic patterns coded onto a spinning mask and demonstrate it for in vivo imaging of C. elegans worms. Spatial modulation rates of up to 2.4 MHz, imaging rates of up to 72 fps, and image-reconstruction times of down to 1.5 ms are reported, enabling real-time visualization of dynamic objects.

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Pictures result

a Video capturing of vertically shifted resolution target, 101 × 103 resolution and 72 fps frame rate. Total recording rate of 0.75 M pixels per second. Frames 1, 30, 60, 90, 110, and 142 out of the 142 captured frames are presented. The red and blue circles mark constant positions on the resolution target. bc Videos capturing the motion of C. elegans worms at a frame rate of 10 fps, corresponding to a total recording rate of 0.7 M pixels per second. Frames 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 out of 31 frames are presented.

Evgeny Hahamovich*, Sagi Monin*, Yoav Hazan & Amir Rosenthal
*equal contribution

2021 nature communications