EOM-PI low bandwidth demodulation and sampling -Taken

Project supervisor: Yoav Hazan


In the development of Electro-Optic Modulated Pulse Interferometry (EOM-PI) emerged the need for the development of a technique for sampling the EOM-PI signal with low bandwidth sampler (~10MHz) rather than the 1.5GHz sampling bandwidth implemented today. Furthermore, a development of demodulation algorithm for the sampled signals to retrieve signal’s phase.

Project Status: Finished

Project requirements:

  1. Development of signal analysis process to achieve 2-channel sampling of low bandwidth of ~10MHz from a 1-channel 1.5GHz original signal. The two sampling channels are in the surrounding of the DC and the EOM frequency (125MHz).
  2. Development of signal demodulation algorithm to retrieve the signal’s phase from the 2-channel sampling, where the two signals will be in the form of: and .  The demodulation algorithm should be able to handle either DC-coupled measurement and AC-couple measurement.

Advancement options:

  1. Designing an electrical circuit that will operate as developed in the first project requirement.

Recommended readings:

  1. Hazan, Yoav, and Amir Rosenthal. “Passive-demodulation pulse interferometry for ultrasound detection with a high dynamic range.” Optics letters5 (2018): 1039-1042.
  2. Rosenthal, Amir, Daniel Razansky, and Vasilis Ntziachristos. “Wideband optical sensing using pulse interferometry.” Optics Express17 (2012): 19016-19029.