Arduino controlled Fabry-Perot -Available

Project supervisor: Yoav Hazan

This project is an Arduino based project that combines both simple circuit design and fabrication along with algorithm implementation on the Arduino. This project will integrate into a real research system, in the laboratory for biomedical imaging and sensing, that develop for optical detection of ultrasound.

Coherence-restored pulse interferometry (CRPI) is a recently developed method for optical detection of ultrasound that achieves shot-noise-limited sensitivity and high dynamic range. Today, the CRPI, implemented in free space Fabry-Perot, required a manual calibration process of the feedback circuit to lock the CRPI in operating state. This project core is the automation of the calibration procedure using Arduino microcontroller platform.

Project Status: Available

Project requirements:

  1. Design and manufacture amplifier and potentiometer PCB for the Arduino-Feedback circuit interface.
  2. Automation of the startup calibration of the CRPI feedback circuit using an Arduino Due microcontroller.
  3. Monitoring the CRPI locking state and stability during operation and modifying the calibration parameters if necessary.

Recommended readings:

  1. O. Volodarsky, Y. Hazan, and A. Rosenthal. “Ultrasound detection via low-noise pulse interferometry using a free-space Fabry-PĂ©rot.” Optics Express 26, no. 17 (2018): 22405-22418.